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4 Things to Know When You’re Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

Posted on 07/18/22

After a car accident occurs, it is crucial for individuals to be able to recover compensation from the at-fault party. Most vehicle accident claims are resolved through settlements with insurance carriers, but there are a number of things that you should know when it comes to dealing with insurance carriers. In order to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible, please keep this list in mind, and consider working with a skilled vehicle accident lawyer who can help you with every aspect of your claim.

1. Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friends

Insurance claims adjusters are almost always friendly. This is by design. The insurance carriers know that you are much more likely to either accept settlements or be willing to talk to someone who is friendly to you. Please understand that insurance carriers, regardless of whether or not they are your insurance carrier or another party’s insurance carrier, are not your friend.

Insurance carriers are friendly because they want you to open up and talk about the incident or your injuries, and they hope that you will slip up and say something that will allow them to limit how much compensation they pay. Insurance carriers are looking out for their bottom line, not your well-being.

2. First Settlement Offers Aren’t Great

Insurance carriers regularly offer initial settlements very quickly after an incident occurs, particularly if they know they are going to ultimately lose the claim. It may be very tempting to take an early settlement offer, but please know that the first settlement offer is likely far below what you should receive for your claim. The insurance carriers make a settlement offer quickly because they know that you need money, and they want to entice you into taking it because as soon as you sign the agreement. There will be no way for you to go back and open the claim later on if your expenses rise above the offer amount.

3. Negotiation is Always an Option

Most people shy away from any type of negotiation with other parties. However, you should always negotiate with insurance carriers. That first settlement offer we mentioned should be the starting point for you to receive more compensation. After an injury occurs, you and your car accident attorney in West Chester should send a demand letter to the insurance carrier asking for a specific amount of compensation. Even though this may not be how much you actually receive, negotiations will typically result in you recovering more compensation than the insurance carrier initially offers.

4. Insurance Carriers Spy on You

Yes, you read that right. The insurance claims adjusters will look into your activities. This could include following you on social media or actually watching you in person, particularly if they do not believe that you are being truthful about your injuries in West Chester. Anything you post online could be used against you, even something as simple as saying you took the kids to go get ice cream down the block. Even if you think your social media settings are to private, all it takes is one comment, share, or like by a friend or family member to open your posts up to the public.