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People end up needing medical attention for a variety of reasons, whether that be after a severe car accident in Bensalem, a motorcycle accident, or even a slip and fall injury. In these high-stress moments, we trust our healthcare providers to treat us competently and with a reasonable level of respect and skill. However, far too many Bensalem residents suffer negligent and reckless medical injuries, or even wrongful death, at the hands of their healthcare providers. If a healthcare provider made a preventable mistake while caring for you or your loved one, call the medical malpractice attorneys at Wilk Law.

Wilk Law believes negligent medical providers need to be held accountable for providing their patients substandard medical care. We are proud to offer victims of medical malpractice compassionate, empathetic representation with no upfront costs or legal fees. In fact, we only get paid when we win compensation for you.

Call us today to find out more about our:

  • Individualized legal strategies;
  • Referrals to medical specialists and accident-related services; and
  • Proven success in litigation and negotiations.

Wilk Law will gladly review your medical malpractice claim at no charge. Medical malpractice claims are complex and need time to prepare. Contact Wilk Law before Pennsylvania’s time limit to file your claim expires.

A Bucks County Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Help

Proving liability is the most challenging part of a medical malpractice claim. Often victims are unsure if their medical provider caused their injuries, and medical providers do not readily admit fault. Instead, doctors, hospitals, and other caregivers try to avoid or dismiss questions and concerns about negligent medical treatment.

At Wilk Law, our Bensalem personal injury attorneys analyze every inch of your medical records with our medical experts to determine every party for your personal injuries. We also do all of the following and more:

  • Handle all insurance company and creditor correspondence;
  • File a civil lawsuit medical malpractice lawsuit;
  • Hire needed expert witnesses;
  • Assess your total medical, financial, and personal losses;
  • Value your claim;
  • Demand a fair and just settlement from the insurance company(s); and
  • Settle your claim; or
  • Proceed with litigation.

At Wilk Law, we care about your legal goals, whether they are closure, compensation, or holding negligent parties responsible for their actions or inactions. Contact us in Bensalem for a free evaluation of your claim and to discuss your goals in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Who is Liable for Medical Malpractice in Bensalem?

Multiple parties may be liable for medical malpractice. A victim of medical malpractice may sue more than one party for their injuries. Any healthcare professional or organization is subject to a medical malpractice claim.

In Pennsylvania, any of the following, and more, may be liable for medical malpractice:

  • A doctor;
  • A registered nurse;
  • A dentist;
  • A podiatrist;
  • A pharmacist;
  • A surgical center;
  • An assisted living center;
  • A nursing home;
  • An emergency medical care provider;
  • A home health agency;
  • A hospice;
  • A hospital; and
  • A care center for the mentally disabled.

Medical Malpractice Claims in Bucks County

Medical malpractice may occur at any time during the treatment process. The most common medical malpractice claims are misdiagnosis, childbirth injuries, medication errors, and surgical errors.

Other medical malpractice claims may include, but are not limited to:

  • Anesthesia error;
  • Emergency room error;
  • Failure to get informed consent;
  • Improper reading of a lab result or X-ray;
  • Transfusion error; even
  • Wrongful death in Bucks County

Time Limits for Filing Medical Malpractice Claims in Pennsylvania

States place specific time frames on filing for and recovering compensation in medical malpractice lawsuits. These are statutes of limitations. In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice is two years from the malpractice date.

If victims fail to file their claim on time, they lose their right to recover compensation for their injuries. There are limited exceptions to this rule. An experienced Bucks County medical malpractice attorney can determine the specific statute of limitations of a claim based on its facts.

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You and your case are important to Wilk Law. The sooner we start your medical malpractice claim, the faster we can help you reach your recovery goals. Let’s get started today.