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Philadelphia Mass Transit Accident Lawyer

Whether it is an everyday commute, a ride home after a night out, or part of a business trip or dream vacation, from time to time, we all use forms of mass transit. Buses, trains, planes, and taxis are all efficient, convenient, and economical ways to get us wherever we need to go. All of these modes of transportation involve putting our trust in other people and companies to transport us safely. These people and companies make an implicit promise – and have a legal obligation – to use due care when transporting passengers, and to ensure the vast majority of mass transit trips begin and end without incident.

However, mass transit accidents do occur, and when they do, the number and degree of injuries can be particularly devastating. For example, large numbers of passengers mean that a single crash can result in widespread injuries and fatalities.

At Wilk Law, we represent individuals and the families of those injured and killed in mass transit accidents. Our skilled advocacy is just one aspect of the representation we offer injured passengers and others hurt by negligent drivers, pilots, engineers, and entities who breach the trust we place in them.

The committed team of legal professionals at our mass transit accident law firm pride themselves on assisting our clients and their families beyond the courtroom, helping them through the numerous practical, financial, and emotional challenges that follow a serious injury or loss of a loved one. We bring an unmatched work ethic and a passionate commitment to justice in our efforts to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for mass transit injury victims.

Mass Transit Lawsuits Require Fast Action and Involve Complex Issues

Mass transit accidents are distinguished from car accidents not only by the sheer number of potential victims but also because of unique legal issues and the web of complex laws and regulations that are applicable.

Many forms of mass transit, such as the subways, trolleys, buses, and commuter rail lines of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), are owned and operated by government entities. Personal injury claims against government entities such as SEPTA must be brought within a shorter period of time than lawsuits brought against private individuals or companies. Additionally, special rules regarding notice to the entity or entities involved must be followed before a claim can proceed.

Similarly, injury claims involving aviation, railroad, or cruise ship accidents involve specific federal or state laws that apply to these industries. Mass transit accidents can also implicate a variety of potential parties who may be responsible for passenger injuries, which means multiple insurance companies and businesses fighting tooth and nail to minimize the amount they have to pay in claims.

Experienced Representation For All Mass Transit Accidents and Injuries

At Wilk Law, we have the experience and legal knowledge necessary to successfully pursue compensation for mass transit accident injuries. We understand what our clients need to move forward with their lives, and we know how to get it. We relish holding negligent parties accountable for the pain and loss they cause our clients and bring that passion for justice to all Pennsylvania mass transit accidents including:

  •   Aviation Accidents
  •   Cruise Ship Accidents
  •   Subway Accidents
  •   Taxi Accidents
  •   Train Accidents
  •   Bus Accidents

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