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Philadelphia Civil Rights Injury Lawyer

As Americans, we may have different opinions, beliefs, and points of view on a whole range of issues, but we all share the same fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution. These rights put limits on what the government, its employees, agents, and officers can do to individual citizens. Violation of civil rights can involve race, sex, religion, improper searches and seizures of property, denial of rights to free speech or counsel, or the deprivation or any other rights established by law.

Government civil rights abuses can also lead to physical injuries, such as in cases of police misconduct and brutality. Law enforcement officers have demanding jobs, and the overwhelming majority of them do those jobs with integrity and responsibility. But as we see all too often, officers can and do engage in acts which are manifestly improper. These acts of violence, abuse, and mistreatment can cause severe injuries, psychological trauma, and even death.

When an individual’s civil rights are violated, they should be able to hold the government responsible for its misconduct. At Wilk Law, we represent Pennsylvanians whose rights have been violated and who are trying to recover after such unwarranted and unjustified abuses of governmental power.

We represent both the injured individuals and the families of those who have suffered a wrongful death because of civil rights violations, seeking compensation and justice on their behalf. We bring our passion, experience, and advocacy skills to all civil rights claims, including those brought under 28 U.S.C. Section 1983. We handle cases involving:

  • Police brutality/excessive use of force by a police officer
  • False or coerced confessions involving interrogation misconduct
  • Police misconduct
  • Police shootings
  • False arrest
  • False imprisonment
  • Illegal searches
  • Inmate abuse
  • Interference with free speech rights, including
  • Racial profiling
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful death

Civil rights claims for injuries are more nuanced and complicated than other personal injury claims. The law grants broad immunity to governments and their agents for acts they take during the performance of their duties. If your rights have been abused, you need to make sure you retain a personal injury lawyer who understands these complexities and knows how to keep them from becoming impediments to the recovery of compensation.

The Wilk Law Firm is comprised of legal professionals exclusively focused on the representation of injured individuals and their families. We are fiercely committed to our clients, but we equally committed to ensuring that their rights are respected and that they are vindicated if those rights are violated.

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