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You take pride in your work. You work long hours to provide for yourself and your family and in turn expect and deserve a fair paycheck. You also expect and deserve a safe place to work. But workplace accidents and injuries happen every day, even if no one is to blame. If you get hurt while on the job, recovering from your injuries while medical bills mount with no wages coming in can be a frightening and difficult time.

But Philadelphia workers know they can turn to Wilk Law if they’ve been laid up because of a workplace accident. We know how hard you work, and we work equally hard to ensure that you get the benefits and compensation to which you may be entitled. We stand by injured employees throughout the entire recovery process, committed to getting each of our clients back on their feet and back on the job.

We represent workers injured in every type of workplace accident, including:

  • Explosion Injuries
  • Electrical Shock Injuries
  • OSHA Violations
  • Toxic Chemical Exposure

If this sounds like you, contact our Philadelphia workplace injury lawyers at Wilk Law online, or at (855) 946-3678.

Thousands of Pennsylvanians Injured and Hundreds Killed on the Job Every Year

Pennsylvanians suffered over 151,000 workplace injuries in 2016 alone, and according to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, a majority of those injuries led to days off of work, job transfers, or job restrictions. In 2016, 5,190 Americans were killed on the job according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a 7% rise over the previous year. This includes 163 Pennsylvanians who lost their lives while doing their jobs that year.

No one is immune from the possibility of a workplace injury. Certainly, some jobs like construction or manufacturing are inherently more dangerous than others. But an office worker can break a bone or suffer a brain injury in a fall from a stepstool just as easily as a welder working on scaffolding can. A repetitive stress injury that keeps you out of work costs you the same amount of wages as a debilitating back injury.

Workers’ Compensation May Not Be Enough in Philadelphia

Like all states, Pennsylvania has a workers’ compensation system specifically designed to provide financial and medical benefits for those injured on the job. For workers, the tradeoff of the system is that while they do not have to prove negligence or fault to obtain benefits, they generally cannot file personal injury lawsuits against their employers to recover damages for their injuries.

Just because you are entitled to workers’ comp benefits does not mean you will get them without a struggle. Too often employers or their workers’ comp insurers challenge the nature or severity of an employee’s injuries, claiming that they aren’t work related or that they were the result of a preexisting condition.

Injured Philadelphia workers already struggling with injuries should not have to fight to receive the benefits they deserve. At Wilk Law, we understand the nuances and complexities of Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system and the tactics employers use to avoid their obligations. With skill and determination, we fight for injured workers to get them every available dime in benefits.

Even when an injured worker gets his or her benefits, they may not cover all of their losses, including compensation for pain and suffering and other damages that may be available in a personal injury lawsuit. In cases where a third-party other than an employer may be responsible for a workplace injury, such as the manufacturer of a defective tool or machine, damages may be recoverable from such parties in addition to workers’ compensation.

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