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Philadelphia Product Liability Attorney

We live our lives surrounded by products designed, manufactured, and marketed by unseen corporations. The cars we drive, the toys our kids play with, the medicines and devices that our doctors use, even the food we eat – all make their way to market and contribute to our quality of life.

At Wilk Law, we represent individuals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whose lives have been changed for the worse because of the negligence or reckless conduct of companies that allow dangerous and defective products into the consumer marketplace.

Our Philadelphia product liability lawyers protect the rights and well-being of injured consumers, getting them the compensation they need and holding companies accountable for their greed, misconduct or carelessness.

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What Exactly is “Product Liability”?

The term “product liability” refers to claims by consumers for injuries caused by unsafe or dangerous products. But the reality is, it isn’t the product that is responsible for the damage. Poor design, manufacturing flaws, and failure to come clean when the risk of harm arises is what gives weight to a product liability case.

It is important to keep in mind, that these products are in many cases also sources of tremendous revenue for those who make and sell these products. Sometimes, however, a desire to increase profits may cause companies to cut corners and not take the proper care to ensure that their products won’t cause harm to the consumers who purchase and use them.

Shortcuts or lack of property quality control can result in defective or dangerous products that injure and kill people.

That is why the law allows individuals who have been injured due to unsafe or dangerous products to file lawsuits against a number of parties who may be potentially responsible for those losses. This includes designers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers which negligently produce, distribute, or sell defective or dangerous goods, all of whom may be held accountable if their acts or omissions resulted in harm.

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Types of Product Liability Claims in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The kinds of defects that can form the basis of a product liability claim include:

  • Design Defects. Courts may evaluate whether a product could have been produced with a safer design without losing function and integrity.
  • Manufacturing Defects. Even safely designed products can be defective if they are not manufactured correctly or according to specifications.
  • Marketing Defects. These include the failure to warn consumers about preventable risks. Packaging and labeling mistakes are also commonly featured in marketing defect product liability claims.

Experienced Representation for All Philadelphia Product Liability Cases

A product liability lawsuit can be brought for harm caused by almost every type of consumer product. At Wilk Law, we provide skilled and experienced representation for personal injury lawsuits based on injuries or death caused by:

  • Household products
  • Toys
  • Baby equipment
  • Playground equipment
  • Food and beverages
  • Construction materials
  • Tools
  • Home appliances
  • Dangerous packaging
  • Sports and safety equipment
  • Motor vehicles
  • Car brakes and tires
  • Medical implants and devices
  • Lawn Equipment

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Wilk Law is comprised of professionals committed to helping consumers recover from injuries caused by the companies and products they believed or were told were safe. We hold corporations responsible when they put profits over people and have the skills and tenacity to get our clients the maximum amount of compensation available for their losses.

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