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A serious personal injury in Philadelphia, PA, can turn a pleasant, typical day into a nightmare in a matter of seconds. The Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at Wilk Law are very aware that accidents can occur anywhere, anytime: at work, while shopping, driving, or even just walking down the sidewalk. When an accident leaves you or your loved one unable to return to work, your family may face a range of physical, practical, and financial challenges.

Imagine you just picked up your kid from Freire Charter School and getting sideswiped on I-95 by a distracted driver who was texting. Or perhaps slipping on a spilled liquid while shopping at Roosevelt Mall. You could be undergoing a routine medical procedure, and a professional at Temple Health made a critical mistake with your medication leaving you seriously injured. While these are hypothetical situations, the risks of being injured in Philadelphia are very real.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury in Philadelphia, contact Wilk Law. Our personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia have the experience, resources and dedication to help you recover the financial compensation you are entitled to.

What Exactly Is a Personal Injury?

A personal injury occurs when the negligent acts of one person or entity cause another person harm. Personal injuries include physical, mental, and emotional injuries. The at-fault party may be another person or a business or governmental entity.

A personal injury claim is a civil claim, not a criminal charge. In a civil claim, the victim seeks compensation for their injuries and any other accident-related losses. Usually, a personal injury claim is filed against and paid by the at-fault person’s or entity’s insurance company.

In a criminal case, the state is the filing party. The state prosecutes an offender to punish that offender with jail time, community service, or other criminal sanctions.

The purpose of monetary damages in a personal injury claim is to make the victim “whole” or return them as closely as possible to their pre-accident state. As experienced personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia, we have see that claims can take anywhere from a few months to years to resolve. This depends on the complexity of the case and whether a trial is necessary.

Personalized Legal Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If someone else’s negligence harmed you or your family member through no fault of your own, turn to Wilk Law for help. We hold negligent parties responsible for the physical, mental, and emotional damages they cause victims and their families.

At Wilk Law, our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys take the time to explain and ensure you know your legal options and understand the personal injury claims process. Not only do our attorneys guide you through your case from start to finish, but we do so with your legal goals in mind.

Your initial consultation and claim evaluation are free and confidential. Wilk Law’s Philadelphia personal injury attorneys will answer your most pressing legal questions and discuss your best legal options for holding any negligent parties responsible for your injuries and other losses.

You can count on Wilk Law for personal injury representation that is:

  • Personalized, caring, and compassionate;
  • Effective and proven with a track record of success;
  • Fearless and aggressive when confronting negligent parties and their insurers;
  • Unmatched work ethic;
  • A passion for fighting injustices; and
  • Professional, prompt, and results-driven.

Contact Wilk Law today. If money is an issue, our personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid when we secure compensation for you.

What Are Some Types of Personal Injury Cases in Philadelphia Wilk Handles?

Our expert Philadelphia personal injury lawyers are here when you need us. We have extensive experience in supporting our clients through a range of scenarios and situations, helping you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Take a look at some of the personal injury case types we handle for clients here in Philadelphia.

Car Accidents

Automobiles represent a popular way for Philadelphia residents to get around. Super convenient and great fun, driving around Philadelphia and the surrounding area is something many of us do on a regular basis. However, if an accident occurs, you may need personal injury legal services.

The number of auto accidents each year is falling in Pennsylvania, but they are still unfortunately common. There were 115,938 reported accidents in 2022, down from 117,899 in 2021 and from 128,420 in 2018. But, with 67,012 injuries reported in 2022, the need for expert Philadelphia personal injury lawyers remains high.

Truck Accidents

Trucking is a huge industry here in Pennsylvania. You’ll see big trucks and 18-wheelers on the road around Philly and on the surrounding highways. The I-95, the I-76 (the Schuylkill Expressway), and the I-676 are particular trucking hotspots, as are US 1 and US 30.

While trucks contribute a huge amount to the local economy, they can be the cause of accidents too. Rely on our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers if you are involved in a truck accident.

Pedestrian Accidents

Philadelphia is a real walking city – a great place to explore on foot. In fact, walking around the City of Brotherly Love is one of the best ways to experience the municipality we all know and love.

It’s no surprise that Philadelphia was named the Most Walkable City in the US for 2023, or that all of Philadelphia’s downtown attractions are reachable in one swift stroll around the city center. You can even take the Constitutional Walking Tour, one of the most popular ways to really engage with Philly and its extensive history.

But there are risks, and accidents do happen. Unfortunately, several thousand pedestrians are injured on Pennsylvania’s roads each year. According to the most recent statistics, 2021 saw more than 3,000 injuries, with 182 fatalities. This is why personal injury legal services are so important for people out and about in Philadelphia.

Bicycle Accidents

Cycling is a charming way to get around the city, and Philadelphia is packed with bike lines and other features that support local cyclists. While most bike rides are happy events, providing enjoyment and exercise for cyclists, sometimes accidents can happen.

While the number of cyclists killed on Philadelphia’s roads decreased between 2021 and 2022, there are still many risks for those who take to the streets on two wheels. With electric bikes and e-scooters also becoming more popular, we are finding that our legal services are more important than ever.

Motorcycle Accidents

Riding motorcycles is a major passion for many people across the state of Pennsylvania, and it’s easy to see why. An efficient and effective mode of transport, the fun and excitement of the open road, and a thriving community of enthusiasts – there’s just plenty to love about motorbikes.

Of course, riding on city streets in heavy traffic can put riders and other road users in danger. Factor in the busy intersections found across Philadelphia, as well as the nearby highways like I-95 and I-76, and there are real risks to consider. Our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys provide motorcycle accident services, making sure riders have the legal protection they need.

Bus Accidents

Philadelphia is served by one of America’s leading public transport networks, keeping the city and the surrounding areas moving. Whether you’re riding the Greyhound or the Megabus, or you’re on the BoltBus or an OurBus, you’ve chosen a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable way to get around.

But buses are road vehicles like any other, and so accidents do happen. If you’re involved in a bus crash and you get injured, you need to know you’ve got legal recourse to help you see the compensation you deserve. That’s what we provide here at Wilk Law with our expert legal services. 

Lyft, Uber, and Taxi Accidents

Philadelphia is served by a great fleet of taxis and drivers, keeping Philly residents and visitors moving around the city. In more recent years, competitors like Lyft and Uber have entered the market, making it easier than ever for Pennsylvanians to grab a lift and get where they need to be.

Are you heading to Reading Terminal Market? Calling a car is probably the best bet. Planning a trip to Franklin Square? That’s no problem with so many taxis, Ubers, and Lyfts around. Got a plane to catch? Booking a car to Philadelphia International Airport is a fast and affordable option.

At least, this is true most of the time. There is still the risk that your driver gets into an accident or someone crashes into your vehicle while you’re on the move. If you get injured because of an accident in a hired car, Wilk’s Philadelphia personal injury attorneys may be able to help.

Premises Liability

You have a right to safety and security wherever you are in Philadelphia. Whether you are visiting a shop, a bar, or another public-facing property that is not your own, you certainly don’t expect to end up with an injury – and the law is on your side in this case.

Reach out to our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers and get the legal consultation and support you need.

Defective and Dangerous Products

Whenever you buy a product anywhere in Philadelphia, you have a right to expect a healthy and safe experience. If there is a product defect and you wind up getting injured as a result, what do you do?

This falls under the absolute liability laws that apply here in the State of Pennsylvania. It doesn’t matter whether there was malicious intent or provable negligence or not – an injury from a defective and dangerous product may result in a compensation claim. Speak to the expert Wilks team to learn more.

Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes

If you are in a nursing home, or if a loved one is receiving care in one of these facilities, you expect safety, security, dignity, and well-being as a minimum. In most cases, this is what you’ll experience. However, if abuse and neglect occur in a nursing home setting, you need to know that you have effective legal recourse. This is precisely what Wilk Law’s team of Philadelphia personal injury attorneys can provide, even in these most sensitive of cases.

Accidental and Wrongful Death

If another party is at fault following the death of a loved one, you may be entitled to compensation and support. At Wilk Law, we offer effective legal consultation and other services following this kind of tragic event, delivered with the care and sensitivity this kind of case requires. Call our team and find out more about accidental and wrongful death legal services offered by our personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia.

How a Wilk Law Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney Builds Your Claim

Our attorneys build the most robust case possible for your recovery. Building a trial-ready case takes ample time, resources, and effort and includes the following:

  • Investigating the accident;
  • Collecting relevant evidence;
  • Gathering essential documents such as medical records, police reports, and witness statements;
  • Filing a timely court case;
  • Determining liability for your accident;
  • Assessing the total value of your losses;
  • Identifying all sources of liability;
  • Hiring and consulting with needed medical, financial, and accident experts;
  • Negotiating a fair and just settlement with the insurance company(s); and
  • Proceeding with litigation, if necessary.

At Wilk Law, our personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia handle all aspects of your claim. Do not carry the burden of your injuries alone. Call the legal champions at Wilk Law for help today.

What Are Some Types of Personal Injuries in Philadelphia, PA?

No two personal injuries are alike, nor are their resulting injuries. However, the one most common personal injury claim in Philadelphia is a car accident claim. Another widespread claim is a slip and fall accident claim.

No matter the type of personal injury accident, always seek immediate medical attention after any personal injuries, such as the following:

  • Head and brain injuries, including traumatic brain injury;
  • Nerve injuries;
  • Any joint injuries;
  • Neck and back injuries, such as herniated discs;
  • Burn injuries; and
  • Fireworks injuries.

There are severe injuries that may not appear for days or weeks after an accident. These include head and brain injuries and need diagnosis at once by a medical professional.

Receiving medical care after a personal injury helps build your personal injury claim by providing evidence of the type, severity, and extent of your injuries. These records are a valuable resource to your personal injury attorney when negotiating a full and fair settlement on your behalf.

Negligence and Liability in Philadelphia Injury Cases

Philadelphia injury cases typically take one of three forms.


When the responsible party has not fulfilled their duty of care, which results in an injury, negligence will apply. This is the case even if the harm was not intentional.

In Pennsylvania, the modified comparative negligence rule applies. Basically, this means both the plaintiff and the defendant can be considered at fault. The plaintiff has a right to compensation if they are found to be less than 51% at fault. The level of comparative fault will also determine how much compensation can be claimed.

Intentional Harm

Intentional harm applies when one party actively set out to harm another. For instance, if someone commits an assault by willfully punching or kicking another party, this is intentional harm.

This ruling may also apply to intentional acts with a high potential to cause harm. For example, if one party throws an object at another party, this may be considered to be intentional harm, even if the guilty party was not certain they would cause injury.

Absolute Liability

Absolute liability exists outside of the negligence/intention question. This type of liability applies when there is a reasonable expectation of safety, and an injury occurs anyway.

One example of this is product liability. When you buy a product through a registered and legitimate vendor, you expect that the product is safe. If the product is defective and causes an injury, you may claim compensation, even if there is no negligence or intention from the manufacturer.

Is There a Time Limit for Filing?

Pennsylvania has a deadline, or statute of limitations, to file a personal injury claim. In most cases, this is within two years of the date of injury. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist in avoiding delays in the claims process.

You Need a Legal Champion on Your Side Who Understands

Wilk Law is different from other personal injury Law Firms. Wilk Law’s founder, Tyler J. Wilk, established Wilk Law for the sole purpose of providing individuals and families affected by severe injuries with a legal champion. A legal champion is a personal injury attorney who looks out for you, fights to get you the resources and compensation you and your family need, and ensures that compensation covers your family’s accident-related expenses, both now and in the future.

A legal champion truly cares about seeing you and your family through the claims process. This can mean anything, from promptly answering questions that arise during your case to making sure you get access to any specialized medical care you might need. The legal champions at Wilk Law want you to move past your accident and live your best possible life.

All of Tyler J. Wilk’s personal injury service needs and ideas stemmed from suffering a serious personal injury accident himself. A drunk driver badly hurt Wilk, leaving him struggling to find an attorney who not only understood the law, but actually cared about and could relate to Wilk’s struggles. Now it is Wilk’s life work to provide that care and understanding he so desperately searched for in the aftermath of his own accident.

You and every other person injured by someone else’s negligence deserve exceptional, knowledgeable, compassionate representation. You owe it to yourself. Call the legal champions at Wilk Law today.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We love Philadelphia. This is a truly remarkable city, packed with iconic sights and locations – from the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and its famous Rocky Steps. Whether you’re here visiting for a few days or living and working in the city, there’s something to delight you around every corner.

In the unfortunate event that you suffer an injury here in Philly, PA, you need to get the best medical care and rehabilitation during your recovery. Check out these useful links:

Remember, our team is on your side. You can rely on the legal experts here at Wilk Law to help you achieve the best outcomes for your case.

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