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Philadelphia Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Pennsylvania has over 120,000 miles of highways and roads. Those highways and roads are shared by hundreds of thousands of cars, trucks, and motorcycles every single day. With so many roads, so many drivers and passengers, and so many miles traveled, accidents are inevitable. While some of these collisions are minor, many leave serious injuries, deaths, or lives forever changes in their wake.

All injuries or loss of life in motor vehicle accidents are tragic, but those caused by the negligence or recklessness of others are even more so. When drivers fail to follow the rules of the road, by drinking and driving, driving while texting, or other negligent acts, they are acting without regard to the safety of those around them. These drivers need to be held accountable, not only by the criminal justice system but also by those who are victims of their misconduct.

At Wilk Law, our Philadelphia motor vehicle accident law firm stands up for those who have been hurt or have lost a loved one on the road. Combining our experience and legal knowledge with the resources of accident reconstruction and other allied experts, we provide accident victims with the dedicated, powerful representation they deserve and fight relentlessly to get them the compensation that can help them move forward with their lives. Contact us on line or call us at (855) 946-3678 today.

Thousands of Pennsylvanians Hurt and Killed Every Year

The odds are pretty high that you know someone who has been involved in a Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident over the past year. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, one out of every 50 Pennsylvanians was involved in a traffic crash in 2021 and one out of every 186 people was injured in an accident. Additionally, in 2021 according to PennDOT:

  • There were 117,899 reportable traffic crashes in Pennsylvania.
  • Those crashes took the lives of 1,230 people.
  • 69,599 people were injured in Pennsylvania traffic accidents.

Compensation for All Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

The aftermath of a car, truck, or other motor vehicle accident can leave injury victims and their families struggling with enormous medical bills, lost wages, and day-to-day challenges involved in recovering from a severe injury or moving forward after the loss of a loved one.

From the moment you meet with us, you will know that you have steadfast and compassionate allies in your corner who will be there for you every step of the way. Inside the courtroom, at a hospital bedside, or wherever you need us, we will provide support, answers, and an unwavering commitment to get you the maximum amount of compensation available for your injuries and losses.

The committed team at Wilk Law helps victims of every type of motor vehicle accident, including:

Wilk Law: Speak With a Philadelphia Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Today

At Wilk Law, we know first-hand how confusing and difficult it can be after you’ve been hurt in a motor vehicle accident. Tyler J. Wilk, founding attorney of Wilk Law, is not only a skilled personal injury lawyer, but he also needed one many years ago when a drunk driver seriously injured him. That is why he made it his life’s work to fight for those who don’t have the resources to fight for themselves. Wilk Law offers FREE initial consultations and our clients do not pay anything in attorneys’ fees unless we obtain compensation for them.

In addition to Philadelphia, some of the locations in and around Chester County our attorneys serve includes West ChesterCoatesville, Downingtown, Pottstown, Phoenixville, Kennett Square, Valley Forge, Berwyn, Devon, Exton, Frazer, and more. Contact us today at (855) 946-3678.