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When you or a loved one suffer an Uber or Lyft accident, you need legal representation that knows the intricacies of multiple vehicle and multiple insurance policy claims and litigation. In Philadelphia, the Uber and Lyft accident attorneys at Wilk Law are ready to help you with all aspects of your Uber or Lyft accident claim.

Wilk Law has decades of combined legal experience helping injured people just like you get the compensation they need to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and personal losses. We also strive to hold rideshare companies accountable for injuries they cause personal injury victims.

Our Uber and Lyft accident attorneys are:

  • Tough and aggressive litigators and negotiators;
  • Knowledgeable in car accident and rideshare law; and
  • Successful in securing verdicts and settlements for complex car accident claims.

Contact Wilk Law online today, or call us at (855) 946-3678, to get a legal plan tailored for you. Your claim is unique, and so is Wilk Law. Call us today to find out what makes Wilk Law the right fit for you.

Why You Need a Philadelphia Uber or Lyft Accident Attorney

There are several reasons to hire an experienced Uber or Lyft accident attorney, like ours, at Wilk Law. Skilled rideshare attorneys add value to your claim through:

  • Maximizing the compensation you receive for your claim;
  • Taking the stress of a claim or litigation off of you;
  • Knowing the rideshare claims laws, regulations, and procedures;
  • Having the available resources needed to pursue large insurance companies;
  • Having the experience necessary to evaluate your claim and calculate a fair damage demand that meets your current and future accident-related expenses.

Do not permit an insurance company to deny or attempt to settle your Uber or Lyft accident claim for less than it is worth. Let Wilk Law handle your Uber or Lyft accident claim from start to finish, lessening your burden, allowing you time to heal, and ensuring you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

Wilk Law cares about you and your recovery. We represent clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning we charge no fees unless we win compensation for you.

Common Causes of Uber and Lyft Accidents in Philadelphia

Uber and Lyft drivers have no special certifications, training, or education before they begin transporting passengers. Instead, they are everyday drivers who may, or may not, have the skills needed to transport their passengers safely from one point to the next.

While most Uber and Lyft accidents occur for the same reasons as other car accidents, there are some accidents more common to rideshare drivers, such as:

  • Distracted driving due to use of a rideshare App;
  • Watching for passengers instead of observing traffic flow;
  • Making sudden stops and starts to load and unload passengers; and
  • Stopping in no-stopping zones.

Compensation for Uber and Lyft Accidents

Compensation awards in any Uber or Lyft accident depend upon:

  • The severity of the victim’s injuries;
  • The victim’s prognosis for recovery;
  • The rideshare company’s insurance policy; and
  • The status of the driver at the time of the accident.

Uber and Lyft’s insurance liability coverage applies to victims who were:

  • Passengers at the time of their injuries;
  • Any potential compensation under this policy is divisible among the passengers who suffered injuries;
  • Uber provides at least $1,000,000 in coverage; and
  • Lyft has a $1,000,000 limit on its liability coverage in these cases.

If the driver was logged in and waiting for a passenger, then Uber provides:

  1. $50,000 per bodily injury and $100,000 total for all injured parties; and
  2. Uber covers $25,000 in property damage per accident during this period.

However, if the Uber or Lyft driver was off-duty during the accident, then a claim is filed with the driver’s insurance policy. There is no compensation through Uber or Lyft.

While no one can predict the exact amount of damages a victim will receive after an Uber or Lyft accident, an experienced rideshare accident attorney can review the facts and evidence associated with a claim and give an educated estimate.

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