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Philadelphia Dram Shop Lawyer

Tragically, those who engage in reckless, negligent, or intentional acts while under the influence of alcohol can and often do cause serious injuries or loss of life. Intoxicated people who injure or kill other people can be held accountable for their actions through personal injury lawsuits for compensation. But they may not be the only ones the law considers responsible for the damage and upheaval they leave in their wake. Bars, liquor stores and others who serve alcohol to minors or obviously intoxicated individuals may in certain circumstances be held liable if their ill-advised provision of alcohol leads to catastrophe.

At Wilk Law, we take injuries caused by alcohol personally. Firm founder Tyler Wilk was seriously hurt by a drunk driver, spurring him to dedicate his career to those who suffer injuries because of others’ negligence or recklessness. This includes pursuing compensation against all parties who contribute to alcohol-fueled accidents and injuries.

What is a Pennsylvania Dram Shop Claim?

“Dram shop” laws in Pennsylvania and other states are designed to deter bartenders or others who sell and serve liquor from increasing the risk that intoxicated patrons may hurt themselves or others. The Pennsylvania Dram Shop law Act makes bars, liquor stores, and other businesses potentially responsible for harm that results from serving alcohol to either “visibly intoxicated” persons or minors. This includes any injuries caused after the intoxicated person leaves the premises, such as those incurred in a drunk driving accident.

Proving Dram Shop Liability

Proving dram shop liability can be challenging. While it is a simple question to determine whether liquor was served to a minor, establishing that a patron was “visibly intoxicated” and such should not have been served is a trickier matter. An attorney seeking to hold an establishment or individual responsible in such cases must aggressively pursue all evidence and witnesses who can testify to the customer’s condition before, during, and after the culpable party served them.

In addition to showing that the establishment or its employees violated the law, a dram shop plaintiff must also show that the violation caused or contributed to the injuries suffered by a third-person.

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At Wilk Law, we have seen first-hand the damage that can be done because of irresponsible alcohol consumption. When that irresponsibility extends to the people and businesses who sell and serve alcohol, those parties should not be able to escape accountability for the pain, suffering, and losses their actions contributed to.

The dedicated team of Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at Wilk Law share an unmatched work ethic and a steadfast commitment to helping injury victims any way we can. Whether it is advocacy in the courtroom, or providing our clients with attentive and responsive representation, we stand by injury victims at every turn, fighting to get them the compensation that can help them rebuild their lives.

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